Admission Terms & Condition

Admission Terms & Condition
  1. We teach the course of Digital Marketing in which the 21 modules come that are:- PPC, SEO/SMO, Youtube Marketing, Freelancing, Website Development, creation and designing, E- commerce Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Gmail Marketing and many more.
  2. And if you choose to pay two time installment plan, then you have to complete the fees 2nd installment within 15 days after paying 1st
  3. Duration of course will be 3 Months only. In First Month, you will learn Basic Website, SEO (On page and Off page), SMO (Organic or Paid), at the end of Month, 2-3 hours doubt session (Only on Sat-Sun).
  4. In Second Month, you will learn PPC, Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing, Conversion Expert change Mind, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing.
  5. In Third Month, you will learn Web Master Tool, Analytics Tool, Youtube Marketing, Google Adsense, Inbound Marketing, Earn Money as Freelancer, Online Reputation Management/ Online Lead Generation, E-commerce Marketing.
  6. 1 day Demo class, free of cost.
  7. After the Demo class, fees paying is must on the due date.
  8. And if the fees is paid at once, then the fees is never refundable whether you are carrying the document or receipt or not.
  9. Fees only refundable, when you completed the 3 months course or not get the job. In that case, fees is 100% refundable.
  10. For getting Job, you have to clear the test with 180 marks minimum, only then your Job will be guaranteed, otherwise we only schedule interview for you in any Company but not guaranteed to get you in Job for sure.
  11. The Certificate that will be provided you from GOOGLE will only applicable for those who successfully cleared the test from GOOGLE, otherwise you will get only 1 certificate that is of Our Company.
  12. You yourself responsible for your fees paying.
  13. It is necessary for all the students strictly follow the order of the faculty.
  14. It is also must to maintain discipline of Company with complete obedience.
  15. You must maintain your regularity. If you seems to be irregular at class, then you can’t blame the faculty for not getting job. You yourself responsible for your failure.


Employment Agreement

Salary Time :- 10 to 15 date

Privacy and Terms

By choosing “I agree” below you agree to Company Terms and condition.
You also agree to our Privacy Policy, which describes how we process your information, including these key points

Duties and Responsibilities

Duties and responsibilities can be described in an attached position description, which should be referred to as “part of this agreement”. Or a description of the duties and responsibilities can be incorporated into the body of this agreement.

Settlement of disagreements

Describe the process or procedure that will be used to settle disagreements between the employer and the employee when they cannot resolve the disagreement themselves.

Termination Clause

The (organization) is entitled to terminate your employment at any time for cause without notice. You will also be entitled to continuation of all benefits and compensation for the statutory notice period as required by the Employment Standards Actng disputes


In the case you want to leave this Company, you must provide a valid reason and 3 months notice to the company. Otherwise, Company will deduct your last 3 months salary or will fill the cheque /current month Salary provided by you to heel their loss. If your cheque will get bounce or in any case we will not get money, then the company has the right to take legal action against you. Company will file case under section 420 upon you and this will be the sole responsibility of the Employee Only.


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